Meet the DJs

Val with a band DJ Name: Valentino (Val) Petrarca - Music Director
Home State: Rhode Island
Favorite Five Bands: Ice Nine Kills, My Chemical Romance, Brand New, A Day To Remember, and The Wonder Years, Boston Manor
Favorite WSOU Experience: There is no one particular experience. Everything I do at WSOU fills me with joy and fulfillment 
About Me: I am the co-host of the Pop-Punk/Emo/Post-hardcore show Under The Stars on Tuesday night 10pm-Midnight. I love all kinds of music and play guitar. I have so many goals in life, and cannot wait to start chasing them all. I hope to one day become a songwriter, filmmaker, and stand up comedian.
Meet the DJs Lady Kay

DJ Name: DJ Lady Kay- Station Manager

Home State: New Jersey

Five Favorite Bands: Phoneboy, Tame Impala, Capitāo Fausto, Bad Suns, Taylor Swift

Favorite Live Show: Bad Suns at Webster Hall

About Me: I'm a journalism major and visual and sound media minor and I co-host Campus Buzz on Sunday nights! We play indie and alternative music, but I also like 70s and 80s rock! 

Joey Mandara

DJ Name: DJ Big Man

Home State: New Jersey

Five Favorite Bands: Muse, Devin Townsend, Clutch, Kings X, Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards.

Favorite Live Show: Devin Townsend Empath Tour

About Me: I’ve always loved music when I was growing up, and when I toured the station all the awards and accomplishments made joining a no brainer. Soon I’ll be taking over Vintage 80’s with my good friend DJ Readus Rock and I can’t wait!

Meet the DJs Wallsy Jr.

DJ Name: DJ Wallsy Jr.- Technical Operations Director

Home State: New Jersey

Five Favorite Bands: Metalica, Megadeth, Underoath, Ozzy Osborn, Amon Amoth

Dream Live Show: My Chemical Romance/Metalica

About Me: I have wanted to work in radio since I was about 9 years old, originally as a sportscaster but have slowly grown to love the music that WSOU plays. When looking at colleges my senior year of highschool Seton Hall was a no brainer due to WSOU. I am currently working towards a Visual and Sound Media degree.

DJ Red Hawk

DJ Name: DJ Red Thunder

Home State: New York

Five Favorite Bands: Mdou Moctar, Love, Alanis Morissette, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead

Favorite Live Show: Mdou Moctar at Brooklyn Academy of Music

About Me: Hey I'm Brendan I'm from Yonkers and I'm a sophomore music education major. I love advocating for music and it's ability to bring so much enjoyment to our lives. Getting to DJ has been a really awesome experience. It's great getting to connect with our listeners. 

Meet the DJs Doorbreaker

DJ Name: DJ Doorbreaker - Promotions Director

Home State: Washington

Five Favorite Bands: Artic Monkeys, The Neighborhood, Lana Del Rey, Goth Babe, Spacey Jane

Favorite Live Show: Injury Reserve

About Me: I am a jounior studying Information Technology Management with an Art History minor! I am also a co-host for Campus Buzz, the show for the latest and greatest for indie and alternitive Sunday nights 8-11 pm! The background on my DJ name is one time I broke the door to the station right off its hinges



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